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Welcome to 2022

January 19, 2022
Lucy Hussey

Happy New Year and welcome to 2022!

At Lime Towers we’ve had a couple of weeks to recover from the festive season and we’re raring to go for the year ahead, and what a year it’s shaping up to be!

Last year was a pivotal one for Lime. We added a brand new product, Mind Matters, which directly supports mental health and helps people build day-to-day resilience. We launched our pleasanteeism report which found that over half of UK workers feel under pressure to put on a brave face in front of their colleagues, while a quarter said that they don’t feel like they are coping at work! In a bid to address these concerns, we partnered with Benefex, the company behind the award-winning employee experience platform OneHub and have been working closely with them to roll out our affordable digital top-ups, enabling employers to offer their employees the option to access affordable private health cover, starting from just over £2 per month*.  

All the while we were continuing to work hard to help our customers in any way we can.

Heading into 2022, we have, if anything, an even bigger year ahead! We can’t say too much at the moment, but we’ll be continuing to champion whole of workforce health and wellbeing because we fundamentally believe that everyone’s health is equally valuable, and we’re working hard to help employers achieve this. We’ll be announcing some incredibly exciting new partnerships over the next few weeks and we can’t wait to get going.

Watch this space!

* Exact costs dependent on age, smoking status and location, reviewed annually.

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