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No (additional) Questions Asked

October 6, 2020
Shaun Williams

One question we get asked occasionally at Lime is, “how come you don’t ask pages and pages of questions about my health and lifestyle when I’m getting a quote?”. OK, so maybe we haven’t been asked it that many times, but it is something people wonder about. When you take out health cover you often have to fill out an enormous form with questions about every aspect of your health, your history and your lifestyle. Why don’t we do that at Lime?

First of all, we do ask some questions.  We have to.  It’s the way that we work out if we can cover someone and how much it will cost. We then do our very best to make sure our quote is as affordable as possible.  We only ask the questions that are directly relevant to the cover.  We want this to be a simple, easy process for you!  So, for example for the cancer cover product, we will ask you about your age and smoking status to get your quote.  After that, we have to check that you are eligible to be covered, so ask you about your cancer-specific health history (i.e. do you currently have or have you had cancer in the last 10 years).

At Lime, our products are designed to top-up public healthcare, which means that they are quite specific. We don’t offer large, complicated, expensive policies that provide a load of benefits you may not want or need. Our view is that the NHS is great, and most of the time we are all happy to rely on it. But sometimes, it’s useful to be able to top-up public healthcare in ways that matter to you. For example, if you were particularly worried about cancer, you might want to top-up the care you would get if you were diagnosed.  

All this means that we only need to ask specific questions, directly relevant to that particular area where you want to top-up. We don’t need, or frankly want, to hear about how you broke your arm on a night out when you were 25, or how your great aunt Mildred had a nasty cough, or that you cycle twice a week but only when it isn’t raining.  

You can be sure that if we are asking you a question when you apply for one of our products, we really do need to know the honest answer. You can also be sure that we will do our very best to make your quote as affordable as possible, the process as simple as possible and the documents as clear as possible.  

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