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Lime Launches OnCall: Welcome to a Healthier and Happier Workforce.

April 7, 2022
The Lime Team

Lime Global launches digital healthcare subscription to tackle ‘pleasanteeism’ epidemic

·      Lime OnCall will allow employers to offer tailored, affordable healthcare provision to their entire workforce.

·      The launch comes as research reveals that 56% of UK workers worry about how long it would take to see a GP, while 33% have been unable to seek medical advice due to NHS waiting times.

·      The firm is calling on employers to analyse and understand the health and wellbeing challenges faced by their entire workforce and put effective measures in place that have a real impact.


7th April 2022, London: Today, Lime Global – the provider of affordable and accessible whole of workforce health and wellbeing solutions – has launched Lime OnCall, a modular healthcare subscription service for employers, designed to be used by the entire workforce.

Creating a new category of fully digital and interconnected healthcare services, Lime OnCall was developed to target the areas of greatest need when it comes to health – including addressing gaps in NHS provision, alongside the areas that private medical insurance (PMI) often overlooks.

At the centre of theLime OnCall subscription sits Fast Answers, a fully confidential clinically verified service, created to provide employees with rapid access to medical advice. Where employees require additional support, Fast Answers will refer them to the relevant Lime OnCall services that best meet their needs – such as mental health, cancer support, women’s health, physio and more.

As the NHS continues to buckle under pressures exacerbated by the pandemic, and as PMI remain unaffordable for many firms looking to offer support to their entire workforce, the lack of available provision means wellbeing issues are on the rise, with health anxiety soaring among UK workers.

As a result, more people are struggling with both their mental and physical health than ever before. In fact, Lime’s own research revealed that 56% of people are worried about how long it would take them to see a GP if they had a health concern, while a third (33%) have been unable to seek medical advice due to NHS waiting times. (1)

However, many aren’t opening up about these concerns. 75% of workers feel under pressure to put on a brave face regardless of how they’re really feeling – making it difficult for employers to know how they can offer support that will make a real difference to the wellbeing of their people.

To help tackle this growing ‘pleasanteeism’ phenomenon, Lime is calling on employers to analyse and understand the health and wellbeing challenges faced by their employees. There is no one size fits all approach when it comes to healthcare, and by investing this time, employers will be well positioned to implement effective measures that their employees really need and will actually use.

Shaun Williams, CEO & Founder, Lime Global Ltd, commented: “For many businesses it’s not affordable or straightforward to offer health and wellbeing support across the whole workforce. Yet, we know that people are struggling and increasingly anxious about their health and wellbeing.

“While many organisations want to help their employees, it can be difficult to gauge exactly what people are going through – particularly with so many feeling unable to talk about their wellbeing. It is therefore vital that employers take the time to understand how their staff might be struggling, and what support would be most useful for them regardless of their role, expertise, or seniority.

“Without investing this time, many businesses will risk wasting money and resources on measures that will have no impact on the health, happiness, and resilience of their people.”

Where organisations are already working with an intermediary advisor to understand the health and wellbeing of their people, Lime’s data and analysis complements these existing services, alongside providing crucial insight to those currently without support.

Uniquely accessed via just one site rather than multiple apps, Lime OnCall can be tailored either directly by the employer to suit their individual workforce health needs, or via an employee benefits consultant.

The planned list of Lime OnCall services to be rolled out within the first year, include:

·      Mental health support – provided by Mind-Matters to help improve wellbeing and build day-to-day resilience

·      Physio – access to digital and face-to-face physiotherapy support

·      Women’s health –instant virtual access to a specialist in women’s health

·      Pregnancy – instant virtual access to a specialist in pregnancy health

·      Child health –instant virtual access to a specialist in children’s health

·      Men’s health –instant virtual access to a specialist in men’s health

·      Cancer cash – a lump sum and access to support services following a cancer diagnosis

·      Diagnostic tests – fast access to diagnostic tests

·      Skin health –instant virtual access to a specialist in skin health

·      Surgical support - pre and post operation coaching


The Lime Global website offers a comprehensive overview of all available solutions:




(1) This research is based on a survey of 2,049 UK workers commissioned by Lime Global Limited and conducted by Censuswide between 22.11.21 and 24.11.21.


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