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How to Relax: 7 Quick and easy techniques

September 9, 2021
The Lime Team

Mind-Matter’s Nurturing Resilience Series

It might sound obvious, and of course we all have our own little relaxation methods but sometimes it can be helpful to have a reminder to relax. Our lives are often hectic and busy almost 24/7, so building in regular time to relax can be incredibly beneficial. All of the below are quick and easy relaxation techniques that you can try without any equipment or training.

Before you start, try to find a time of day when you know you will not be disturbed and try to establish a routine so that you allow yourself relaxation time every day.  Don’t panic if you miss a day for some reason, but try to stick to your routine as well as you can.  You should be aiming to do 15 minutes of relaxation every day, or at least most days.

Not all the techniques below will suit you.  Some people, for example, feel instinctively uncomfortable about using an approach like meditation.  What is important is that you find a relaxation strategy that works for you.  Once you have done that, and are able to make the strategy a regular part of your life you will begin to experience the enormous benefits that routine relaxation can bring.

1. Focused Breathing

2. Muscle Relaxation

3. Positive Visualisation

4. Meditation

5. Exercise & Walking

Taking physical exercise may seem to have little to do with relaxation. However, exercise enables us to burn off the hormones released in stress and promotes feel-good chemicals in the brain like serotonin which give us a sense of wellbeing and contentedness. Exercise also makes it easier to sleep.


Walking is an excellent form of exercise and can have other calming benefits as well.  If your walk takes you through a place you like and find calming you will get the benefit of the place as well as the exercise.  It can also be richly relaxing to allow yourself to just stroll, particularly if you are used to rushing and walking in hurry.  Allow yourself to really enjoy the sensation of taking your time and just ambling along.  Notice the stress drain away.

6. Yoga, Massage and Complementary Therapies

There is a wide range of alternative exercise or therapy approaches that can be very helpful in promoting relaxation.  Yoga, Thai Chi, massage, Reiki and many other approaches may help you (as well as having the added benefit of being involving a teacher or therapist).  To find out about what it available in your area try a google search or ask about classes or therapies in your local library, gym or health food shop.

7. Relaxation Recordings

You can get many relaxation recordings and guided relaxations via apps and online.  Typical relaxation recordings include soothing music, birdsong or the sound the sea. Twenty minutes spent listening to a recording in a comfortable, undisturbed space can be a very powerful aid to relaxation.

Source adapted from: Validium

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