Cancer Essentials Closure

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Aviva closing my policy?

Aviva regularly review their policies to ensure that they continue to provide value for money, and benefits in line with our customer’s expectations and the market for the Cancer Essentials product.

Based on their recent review they have taken the decision to close this product, so your cover will end for all renewing customers from 30th September 2022.

Why have you only just told me of this?

Aviva recognises that the product is important to you and gave careful consideration before deciding to close the product. Once the decision had been made, they wanted to ensure that they informed all customers at the same time.

Are there any alternatives to this policy?

We are unaware of any similar offerings in the marketplace, but we are looking to develop an alternative and will let you know as soon as this is available to purchase.Alternatively, you may want to consider our other Lime products, which you can view by logging in to your account here.

Are you closing this policy as a result of COVID?

No. Aviva have confirmed there is no link to the pandemic.

What happens if I am already claiming, or I need to claim?

We want to reassure you that if you are currently in claim, or need to claim, your cover continues until the closure of your product. In the event of a claim, please contact us as normal and please do not cancel your debit/credit card payment to ensure your cover remains in place during this period.

You can continue to submit claims through your policy at Lime.

I have already claimed for cancer cash benefit, I may need the Cancer drugs benefit in the future will I be covered?

If you have already submitted a cash claim, or at any point you make a cash claim whilst your policy is still active, Aviva’s specialist claims team will contact you. They’ll explain your options for future support once your policy closes. If you’re still covered on your policy at the time, they will guarantee to cover the costs of eligible cancer drugs as per your terms and conditions, up to the maximum benefit allowable.

You’ll also be able to submit a claim for drugs your specialist recommended while your policy is active, up to 90 days after the closure date.If your claim is eligible, Aviva will pay for drugs agreed by them, even if the treatment takes place after the policy has ended.

To make a claim after your policy has closed, please email and include your policy number.

I have already contacted the Cancer Helpline; will I be able to carry on using this service?

If we have already provided you with details of the Cancer Helpline, and you have been in contact with them they will continue to provide support as and when you need it. This will not end on the cancellation of the policy.

Can I cancel early, will I get my money back?

You can choose to cancel your cover early. As you pay monthly, you must pay for the full month in which you were covered.

Please remember that once you have cancelled your cover you will no longer be able to make any further claims, however Lime and Aviva will continue to support you in any claim that is already approved.

You can arrange this via your policy at Lime.

Will you be able to send me my terms and conditions after the policy has closed, if I need to make claim for benefit?

Your terms and conditions will remain available to you at Lime, and you will still be able to review these and access the relevant information to make an eligible claim up to 90 days after the policy ends. Your policy details will remain available for 120 days after your policy ends.

Will you let me know when my policy ends?

Yes. We will keep you updated with notifications and let you know when your cover has ended. You don’t need to do anything now; you will still remain covered by your Cancer Essentials policy until your policy ends.

What will you send me when my policy cancels?

We will send you an email on the date your policy is cancelled to confirm that your cover has ended.

Should you be diagnosed with cancer prior to the policy ending you will be able to submit a claim up to 90 days after the end date, and provided the claim is eligible we will pay your cash benefit.

Similarly, if subsequently wish to claim for cancer drugs after receiving your cash benefit, you will have 2 years from policy closure to notify us of your claim and will remain eligible even if the treatment takes place after the policy has ended.

Can I make any changes to my policy in the meantime?

If you need to make any changes these can be made via your policy at Lime.

How do I make a complaint?

If you have a complaint, you can contact us via your policy at Lime can email us at

Alternatively, you can write to us at:


Level 30, Leadenhall Building

122 Leadenhall Street

London EC3V 4AB

Tel No: +44 (0)203 753 5469

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