One subscription. Your whole workforce. Just the health and wellbeing services you choose to include.

Welcome to a healthier and happier workforce: Introducing Lime OnCall.

We’re on a mission to help enlightened employers who want to make a measurable difference to the health and happiness of all their employees and their families. Lime OnCall is the fully digital, interconnected healthcare subscription designed to be affordable across the whole workforce.
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Lime OnCall Subscription Menu

Subscription menu includes core service Fast Answers at £1.49 + VAT, and additional services starting from £2.08 + VAT per employee per month (prices subject to organisation size)

Only subscribe to what you need

It’s really important to us that our products are easy to use and actually help people. We believe that getting anywhere access to the right clinical expertise makes a big difference. So, we will work with you to help you meet the genuine need within your organisation, right across every corner of your workforce. After all, there is no point in paying for services that your workforce don't need.

Step 1:

Lime OnCall Health Check

We work closely with you or your intermediary adviser to understand what’s going on in your workforce. From the C-suite to the factory floor, we’ll help you find out which health concerns are having the biggest impact on your people. At no cost and with no obligation.

Step 2:

Lime OnCall Customer-Built Subscription

Based on what your people report, you can create a Lime OnCall subscription that will directly tackle the health and wellbeing challenges they are facing.

Step 3:

Ongoing Lime OnCall Health Monitor

We will work hand-in-hand with you or your adviser to ensure your workforce get the most out of their Lime OnCall subscription. You’ll have support from a dedicated Lime OnCall health and wellbeing relationship expert whenever you need it – in person or virtually. With their insight and quarterly feedback from your workforce we’ll closely monitor how Lime OnCall is making a difference in your organisation.

How it works

All Lime OnCall products and services are interconnected, meaning it's always easy to know where to start when you need support. At the heart of Lime OnCall sits a fully confidential, 100% clinically verified, Fast Answer service, through which your people will be able to speak directly to a doctor. In some cases, this might be enough to answer their health concern, or they can be instantly referred on to whichever relevant Lime OnCall service best meets their needs, provided it is included in your subscription.
Alternatively, if they prefer, they can go directly to the Lime OnCall health service that they need.

It’s as simple as that.

Lime OnCall is accessed digitally via one site and one login instead of passing users from app to app. Everything has been designed to be as friendly and easy to use as possible. We never charge an excess and we don’t use a reimbursement model, so there’s never any faffing about with receipts and there is nothing further for you to pay unless you chose to add an additional service.
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Health services which really help

Lime OnCall’s health services are designed to have the greatest positive impact on health and wellbeing today, covering gaps in both the current NHS provision as well as areas that private medical insurance often overlooks.

We gather feedback and conduct research to understand which health concerns are having the biggest impact on health and wellbeing and where people are falling through the gaps in current provision. Our Lime wellbeing experts work closely with clients to explore their needs, gathering feedback and additional insight which directly shapes our product pipeline.

Our proprietary tech infrastructure allows us to be incredibly agile and quick when developing new services that directly tackle the most pressing health concerns of the day.

Why the whole workforce?

All too often it’s not affordable or straightforward to offer health and wellbeing support across the whole workforce. This is partly due to the fact that costly healthcare services are bundled together whether they are needed or not.

Yet, we know that people are struggling, many are anxious about their health and this is having a significant impact on their health and happiness, as well as their ability to perform in the workplace.

We know that employers want to do more to support their people, and our research shows that employees are increasingly asking for that support – more than half of those we asked said that they would like their employers to do more for their physical and / or mental health.
One third of UK workers are suffering with a health concern that they have not sought medical help for due to anxiety over NHS waiting lists*


Half of those we asked said that they are not coping in their daily life*


One in five say that they are suffering from burnout*

What more could you do to support your employees? Lime OnCall can help.

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The right support makes a big difference

Great things happen when people feel heard and are given access to the right support.

Lime’s research found that half of UK workers said that healthcare benefits offered through work would make them more productive.

Lime OnCall has been designed to provide a tangible, cost-effective solution that will help people feel better and is affordable across the whole workforce.


Workers feel this would reduce anxiety and stress levels – rising to more than half of those earning £15,000 or less*


For more than a third of women, it would be enough to make them more likely to stay in a job*


Half of all workers said they would look for a new job if their employer didn’t support their mental wellbeing*

Lime OnCall.
We’re with you all the way

100% digitally enabled
Modular, customer-built subscription
Customer-focused (needs-based)
Bridges gaps in NHS and PMI provision
Proprietary technology stack
No excess or reimbursement by employees required

Very quick, easy to use and, we believe, great value for money. See what our individual customers think.

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*This research is based on a survey of 2,049 UK workers by Lime Global Limited and conducted by Censuswide between 22.11.21 and 24.11.21. Alongside a survey of 2,132 UK workers between 06.05.2021 – 21.06.2021. Censuswide abides by and employs members of the Market Research Society which is based on the ESOMAR principles.

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